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Don’t step into the trap

We can help you avoid traps by providing evidence that 65 units of MetAMINO® will achieve comparable performance* to 100 units of MHA-FA. Change to MetAMINO®, take the savings and benefit from additional advantages.

Trust in science. Trust 65.

MetAMINO® Benefit Calculator

Do you want to calculate the savings with MetAMINO®? We have three different calculators at your fingertips depending on your needs.

  1. The MetAMINO® Value Calculator can be used to improve cost-effective purchasing
  2. The Nutritional Value Calculator assesses the SID Met+Cys : Lys ratio depending on the source and level of methionine supplemented in the diet
  3. The Feed Mill Value Calculator optimizes batch throughput as it calculates mixing time when utilising either liquid or dry methionine sources


Feed Mill Value Calculator

MetAMINO® Value Calculator

Nutritional Value Calculator

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{{(Math.round(hafa_supplementation_kg * 100) / 100).toLocaleString("en-EN", {minimumFractionDigits: 2, maximumFractionDigits: 2})}}
{{(Math.round(metamino_supplementation_kg * 100) / 100).toLocaleString("en-EN", {minimumFractionDigits: 2, maximumFractionDigits: 2})}}
{{(Math.round(hafa_supplementation_cost * 100) / 100).toLocaleString("en-US",{minimumFractionDigits: 2, maximumFractionDigits: 2})}}
{{(Math.round(metamino_supplementation_cost * 100) / 100).toLocaleString("en-US",{minimumFractionDigits: 2, maximumFractionDigits: 2})}}
{{(Math.ceil((hafa_supplementation_cost - metamino_supplementation_cost)*200)/200).toFixed(2)}}
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Highlights of the performance trials

In the MetAMINO® ATLAS, Evonik has summarized the results of 15 performance trials that were conducted around the globe under different climatic and agricultural conditions. The MetAMINO® ATLAS provides a balanced selection of academic research and field trials with feed for broiler chickens, laying hens, swine and fish.

Trust in science. Trust 65.



A significant amount of research has been conducted to investigate the relative bioavailability of supplementary methionine sources for animal feed. These studies consistently report a bioavailability of around 65% MHA-FA when compared to DL-methionine on a product  basis (Jansman et al. 2003 ; Lemme and Petri 2003 ; Rademacher et al. 2007 ; Sauer et al. 2008 ; Lemme 2010 ; Htoo and Rademacher 2012 ; Lemme et al. 2012 ;  Lemme et al. 2020). Evonik continues to investigate the biological difference between MHA-FA and DL-methionine, as you can see below in our latest peer-reviewed articles.


Utilization of Methionine Sources for Growth and Met+Cys Deposition in Broilers. Animals 10:2240

A. Lemme, V. Naranjo and J. Dorigam. 2020

This evaluation of the utilization of supplemental Met sources for Met+Cys deposition in body protein provides further evidence for a higher efficiency and, thus, nutritional value of DL-Met over HMTBA.

Journal of Animal Science

Bioavailability of the calcium salt of DL-methionine hydroxy analogue compared with DL-methionine for nitrogen retention and the preference of nursery pigs for diets based on the two forms of methionine. Journal of Animal Science 98(12): 1-10

Wang, M. Q., L. T. T. Huyen, J. W. Lee, S. H. Ramos, J.K. Htoo, L.V. Kinh, M.D. Lindemann. 2020

This study demonstrates the mean RBV of MHA-Ca to DL-Met of 65.7% on a product-to-product (wt/wt) basis or 78.2% on an equimolar basis.


Effects of DL-methionine and a methionine hydroxy analogue (MHA-Ca) on growth, amino acid profiles and the expression of genes related to taurine and protein synthesis in common carp. Aquaculture 532: 735962

Zhou, Y., He, J., Su, N., Masagounder, K., Xu, M., Chen, L., Liu, Q., Ye, H., Sun, Z. and Ye, C. 2021

This study indicates that dietary DL-Met or MHA-Ca supplementation could increase free essential amino acids in serum, as well as improve taurine synthesis and protein synthesis in common carp. Multi-exponential regression analysis showed that MHA-Ca was less utilized by common carp than DL-Met with bioavailability values of 41% to 50% on weight-for-weight basis.


Getting started is as easy as one, two, three: Fill out the contact form, get implementation support, conduct a free trial, and see the advantages of MetAMINO® for yourself. We're sure that you’ll be convinced. We even give you a warranty. So make a complete switch to MetAMINO® , achieve optimal results, and realize lasting savings. Trust in science. Trust 65.

For the proposition of the warranty statement, please contact your local Evonik representative.

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